Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The exhibition stand looks overloaded - and what you can do about it

The design of your exhibition stand is extremely attractive and the position in the exhibition hall is optimal. You have invested a lot of time and money in your new transportable exhibition stand. Now it's a matter of taking into account the little things in the stand construction so that everything is perfect. You might be interested in exhibition stand Dubai.

6x6 exhibition stand

The biggest mistake you can make right now is cluttering the booth with superfluous and unnecessary products, exhibits, furniture, and displays. Now the decisive moment has come to guarantee the perfect stand construction. Therefore, at this point, ask yourself once again very urgently the question of the real objective of your participation in the trade fair. Learn more about exhibition stand design.

4 x 3 exhibition stand

Marketing message first!

As a consequence, the first motto must be: Anything that does not contribute to the achievement of goals has no place on the exhibition stand! Don't rely on any gimmicks just to be there. Each element of your transportable exhibition stand has to fulfill its specific purpose. Know more about exhibition stand design Dubai.

3x3 exhibition stand

This not only has to do with the costs for the exhibition stand but is an important prerequisite for the achievement of goals and the profitability of the exhibition. Determine which marketing message you would like to send to your visitors and how the message should be communicated. Do not overload the visitor with information - otherwise, it will lose its meaning and become interchangeable. Focus on the essence of the message.

Also, consider that trade fair visitors pass by your stand within a few seconds. In this short phase, you have to ensure that the customer recognizes your brand and, ideally, engages with it more intensively. Were you able to get his attention? Has he identified you and your brand and can he remember it after the trade fair? 

3m x 3m exhibition stand

In order to solve these important challenges, you should urgently work with a stand construction company that also has experience in international stand construction. Under certain circumstances, you may be driving up the costs for the exhibition stand beyond the agreed budget limit - but the decisive factor is the achievement of goals. Give your stand construction company a precise budget - a professional company will take these limits into account and adhere to them without the stand losing its effectiveness.

Clean and orderly

At the show, remember to keep the stand clean and tidy. Don't scare off visitors with an untidy booth. Clutter gives the impression that you are uninspired and careless. Demonstrate that you are active and want to do business with an organized booth. Make sure that rubbish, empty cups, glasses, or sandwich wraps are disposed of in the rubbish bin or washed up directly. Nothing should detract from the impression of the exhibition stand.

3m x 2m exhibition stand

Also, remember to keep your exhibits and inventory clean and organized. Don't display too many exhibits at once. The eye is then often quickly distracted and the interested party appears unfocused. Of course, too little is not the solution either. If there are not enough products or displays at the booth, the impression could be given that your company has not yet really arrived in the market or cannot handle the inquiries. 

Under certain circumstances, the visitor can therefore not even recognize what your business model is and what you actually offer. That's why you have to keep trying to talk to visitors who may not be interested in you or what you have to offer at first glance.

3d exhibition stand design software

Have you ever thought about presenting your products and services on a digital photo frame or on a tablet PC? These are wonderful interactive elements that give your display a touch of international exhibition design without increasing the cost of the exhibition stand. These devices are also great because they are easy to use and don't create a mess.

The exhibition stand looks overloaded - and what you can do about it

The design of your exhibition stand is extremely attractive and the position in the exhibition hall is optimal. You have invested a lot of t...